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Successful launch of the product in to a new market/territory
Client needs
  • Faced with increased competition in the online payment sector the company developed new financial products to retain and better meet the needs of their current customer base.
  • The company needed to launch a new financial product in a new market.
  • Their current customers needed to be made aware of the product and given live demos of the product if necessary.
  • The company wanted mass customer uptake and buy-in.
  • Significant recruitment and training programme of a skilled team of agents with previous B2B Sales and Financial experience.
  • Create an agile and scalable workflow model adaptable to client and customer demands.
  • Advanced campaign management capabilities and outbound functionality to increase awareness and sales of the new product.
  • Align messaging with the company’s long-term growth strategy and current marketing initiatives. 
  • Successful launch of the product in to a new market/territory
  • Exceeded client expectations for customer uptake
  • High rate of repeat customer purchases
  • Invaluable market intelligence garnered for the client for further product development

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