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The world of telecommunications is in a constant state of transition, with changes taking place at breathtaking speed. Media and technology are converging to form a global system of complex networks. Dramatic innovations in products, services and business models are reshaping the industry, which presents new opportunities and challenges for the telecommunications and networking industries. Our experience shows us that your ever more complex customer interactions need teams of dedicated specialists ensuring fantastic contact experiences.


The move towards renewable energy sources and distributed energy generation has advanced furthest in Europe in recent years. But this transformation is causing challenging market conditions for utilities companies. Efficiency savings and performance improvements have afforded some utility companies competitive advantage. But also critical in the coming years will be how utilities companies respond to the rise of the increasingly significant number of energy saving and energy generating consumers. Information and options are easily accessed and understood. We are passionate that every customer contact must result in a conversion or a saved account.


Increasingly fundraising organisations are utilising web, mobile, and social media to communicate with prospective donors in order to increase transparency and sponsorship opportunities. Consumers now want the ability to control how and when they receive communications from fundraising organisations based on personal preference and interests. Organisations that provide small, impulsive gifting opportunities targeted correctly will be better positioned to strengthen their relationships with donors. Our expert multimedia contact technologies, coupled with rigorous recruitment processes which include psychological profiling, ensure that you have the best possible agents operating in the best environment.

Financial Services

As the property market steadily improves, so too does the Financial Services sector’s confidence that we are now experiencing the beginnings of a positive new chapter for the sector. Financial services are now becoming more international in nature, particularly as regulation becomes increasingly centralised at an EU level. To compete and grow in this new environment companies need to better use technology to drive improvements in the customer experience and increase operational efficiencies. Every single customer contact is key to your business. It may not be your core competence, but it is ours.

Digital Media

With the rapid proliferation of devices, and the explosion of the Internet of Things, people are carrying, utilizing, and depending on their mobile devices more than ever. Due to this dependency, there is now an increased expectation from consumers that digital media providers deliver greater levels of customer services and targeted personalisation. We are proud of the work we do on behalf of some of the key players in global digital media.